Veronika Frederick, owner of Spiritual Wake. Mom to many, passionate, and a witch. Will be sharing the love for occult products, mommyhood, animal rights, and more. Life is a wild ride, so grab your broom and come along!
Spiritual Wake
Spiritual Wake actually began as 'Ginger's Occult' but was re-branded to the new name.

The Etsy store was born from a need to regain control and peace of mind after getting away from and abusive relationship. Feminism will always be a key componant to who I am, it gave me strength and knowledge to realize how bad my situation had become. Without that, and the help of loved ones, I could have easily ended up in serious trouble or dead.

The year long struggle after leaving him and still being victim to his tactics gave me a new found strength in life to speak up for other's. Women and animals go through so much, and so many out there need a voice to help educate, help find resources, and help overcome the struggles.

Spiritual Wake is a business built by me, an abuse survivor, who now has a family of her own. I'm now married, have 4 fur babies, and a daughter. 

Helping shop, support, and share any Spiritual Wake products, services, or posts is a way to help animals, women, and of course help me support my family. I'm a stay at home business woman and mom. Hoping to enrich mine and other's lives with a little magic. Blessed Be.
Studied family Science and Business
Studied Business
Studied Paralegal, and Business Administration.
Earned an Associates Paralegal degree & Bachelors Business Administration degree.